MissX is 28 years old and she likes to play with dildoes.

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MissX is a 28 years old girl who likes to play with dildoes.

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Movie #1 " First Times Insertions "

MissX first time in front of a Camera. First Times First time she sees a camera . But she doesn't get shy. First, the electric dildo, then 2 dildos in her pussy.
Running Time: 60 mn

clitoris stretchingClitoris Stretching

MissX is Strechting her Clitoris Hood..so you get a better view of the Massive 3 Pearls Hard Wood Dildo With 3 Rings under the hood; The Snake Eyes, The Scorpion and the Devil Ring.
Running Time: 6 mn
Clitoris Hood Stretching
MissX is playing with her Clitoris Hood
clitoris wooden home mase dildo home made dildo
And Fucking Herself with a Home Made Hard Wood Dildo

Cone 2 Anal Stretching Expansion

Close ups Pussy &. Full deep exploration of her Pussy and Anal caves. Insertion with a clear plastic cone gives an deep and intimate view of the most secret part of her anatomy.
Running Time: 15mn

double dildoAss & Pussy Dildo Insertion Double Penetration

MissX Sticking a Dildo up her Pussy and Anther one up Her Ass MissX like to look inside her pussy, gyno style. Spreading herself with a speculum. She can get a better view of her G-Spot. She insert as well an electric dildo, to stimulate it even better.
Running Time:8 mn

Water Explosion Water Balloon Pussy Stretching

Penetration Water Balloon Pussy Expensions Weird Fetish Hardcore Pussy Trying to get the third Wooden ball in. Some water balloon pussy expansions will help! MissX switches to the huge water balloon and make the stretching last.
Running Time: 35 mn
Water Balloon Pussy Stretching Water Balloon Pussy Stretching
water balloon pussy stretching pussy water puss water balloon explosion
Something Gotta Gives...This Time It's The Balloon

dildo insertionsFirst Time Electric Dildo and Vegetebale Dildo Pussy Fuck

MissX is practicing the joy of masturbation with a vegetable dildos. She is penetrated with an electric dildo then an egg plant.
Running Time: 47 mn

Balloon Pussy Insertions.

MissX is inserting all kind of blown up Party Balloons in her Pussy . That is what we call a nice afternoon party around here.
Running Time:60 mn
Anal & Pussy Balloon Stretching Pictures
Up my Ass and My Pussy the Party Ballons goes
party balloon in pussy party balloon insertion fuck the pump
Then I fuck the Balloon Pump

Dildo Fest Home Made Dildoes and Sybian Pussy Fucking

Pussy Fucking. MissX is using The Terminator, Big Bottles, The Balloon Pump to warm up, then she uses the Sybian Dildo and fucks her pussy silly.
Running Time: 50 mn
Home Made Dildo Insertions Pictures
Home Made Dildoes Festival
extreme dildoextreme object fuckingmilk bottle fucking
Coke Bottles, Milk Bottle, Balloon Pump, Anything Goes for this swollen G-Spot

Pussy Stretching Water Balloon BDSM Insertion

Massive Pussy Stretching with Water Balloon. Pussy Insertions, It's her first time with , so of course She enjoys it a lot.
Running Time: 40 mn
Pussy Stretching Pictures
First Time Water Balloon Pussy
water ballon pussy stretching water ballon pussy stretching water ballon pussy insertions
Water Balloon Pussy Stretching!!!

Dildo Pussy Insertion

Dildo Pussy Insertion.
Another home made dildo for MissX Pussy.
Ramming it as deep as she can inside her pussy she comes really good on that new toy. She doesn't like soft dildos.
Running Time: 10 mn
Dildos Pictures
Vagina games
bottle fucking bottle pussy insertions pussy bottle fucking
Pussy Dildo !!!

Big Saussage Pussy Insertions, Object Fucking

MissX Big Saussage Insertion. A "made to order movie" for one long time friend. He asked for a big saussage insertions movie and MissX gave it to him. Fucking herself Deep and Long on this huge German saussage.
Running Time: 43.00
Pussy Insertions Pictures
This is how we prepare lunch over here
extreme object intertion pussy saussage fucking extreme pussy g-spot

Glass Dildo Weird Fucking Insertions.

Penetrations with Glass dildoes. After shopping around MissX found herself some glass dildos. She rams it up her hole, stimulating her G-Spot with this ribbed home made Glass Dildo and make herself come all over the place.
Running Time: 15 mn
Glass Dildo Pussy Insertions Pictures
Hardcore Ribbed Glass Dildo
glass dildo fuck beautifull glass dildo puddy fuck extreme glass dildo fucking

glass dildo Glass Dildo Pussy Fucking Insertion

MissX is getting fuck with a bigger Glass Dildo. This one is a Huge 6,5 centimeters diameter candle holder. It makes her so juicy that the big end of the dildo is making a very nice suction noise, just like a good fisting. Her Pussy is getting a good stretching.
Running Time: 10 mn
Big Glass Dildo Pussy Insertions Pictures
The Suction is Incredible with that Glass Dildo
big glass dildo fuck glass dildo pussy fuck giant glass dildo pussy insertions
You will never forget THIS SOUND!!!

First Time Base Ball Bat Pussy Fucking Insertion

MissX Monster Hard Wood Dildo. What a lucky day! We just found a local baseball bat. MissX couldn't wait to get back home and try it. Now fully spreaded she is ready for the BaseBall bat insertion.
Running Time: 10 mn
First Time BaseBall Bat Insertion Pictures
She loved it!
baseball bat in pussy baseball bat in pussy extreme base ball bat fucking
Base Ball Bat Dildo third Leg or Wooden leg?!!!

Baseball Bat Pussy Fucking Insertion

MissX Monster Hard Wood Dildo Penetration. Now that she loves the feeling of her baseballbat in her insides MissX is fucking the monster hard wood dildo..Standing up...
Running Time: 6 mn
Base Ball Bat Insertion Pictures
Now all Oiled Up the Base Ball Bat
base ball bat in pussy base ball bat pussy insertion fuck base ball bat in pussy

pussy shavingPussy Shaving

MissX Shaving her Pussy. She is taking her sweet time tending to her intimate toilet. Having a nice clean fresh shaved pussy is one of her little plaisure. Taking great care to get it all nice and smooth without a single hair left.
Running Time: 16 mn
Pussy Shaving Pictures
Nice Clean Neat Pussy
pussy shaving pussy shaving rasor in pussy

speculum in pussy close up viewVaginal Speculum G-Spot Pussy Dynamics

MissX enjoys looking at her G-spot and deep inside her Pussy with her Speculum. She gives You an incomparable and intimate view of her swollen G-Spot, Clitoris and Vagina. Moving the camera as close as possible, MissX shows you up close and personal every details of her secret anatomy.
Running Time: 7 mn
Speculum Close Ups Pictures
speculum vagina speculum expose clitoris speculum
Only GYNO!!!

clitoris pumpingClitoris Pumping

MissX Clitoris Pumping. MissX is Pumping up her Clitoris.
Running Time: 18 mn
Clitoris Vacuum Pumping Pictures
Look at that Clitoris Hood getting the PUMP
clitoris pump clitoris piercing pumped pussy lips
Nice Swollen Clitoris Hood!!!

pussy pumpingPussy Pumping Camel Toe

MissX is Pumping her Pussy with her new Pussy Pump. Catching her whole Pussy with it, she is pumping until her big lips, inner pussy lips, Clitoris and Clitoris Hood, this time sporting the Devil Ring are sucked up all the way.
Running Time: 4 mn
Pussy Vacuum Pumping Pictures
Vaccuum Pussy Lips Pumping
pussy pumping camel toe pussy pumping camel toe
He Voila...A Nice Camel Toe!!!

self pussu fingeringSelf Pussy Fingering & Self Pussy Fisting

MissX is Self Fingering her Pussy, showing You what a girl likes and how it should be done. Playing with her G-Spot, she inserts 2,3 then 4 for fingers up her Cunt. Masturbating herself into a wet mess.
Running Time:11 mn
Self Fingering Pictures
Always Nice to have a nice girl to Masturbate in front of You
pussy piercing self pussy fingering self pussy fingering

vegetable pussy fuckingEgg Plant Pussy Pussy Insertions

MissX as got herself a 35 cm long egg plant. The vegetable is nicely curved, just the right way to stimulate her G-Spot. Ridding the big vegetable MissX is pleasuring herself deep. Still nor able to come, she surrenders to her Master.
Running Time: 10 mn
Vegetable Pussy Fucking Pictures
eegplant in pussy fucking courgette in pussy egg plant pussy extreme insertions
Your Table is Served!!!

vegetable fuckingDouble Vegetable Pussy and Anal Insertion

Insertions MissX With 2 Huge Vegies Double Insertion
MissX comes back from the market with 2 huge veggies and a big naughty smile on her face. 15 inches long 2 and half inches in diameter, these are monstrous.
Running Time:15 mn

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