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Problems ?

Download Problems

Try again later.
Check your modem
Do not use download accelerator or "site suckers" software
Do not dowload more than 2 movies at once .


Movie Players Problems

1 ) UpDate your CODECS

with the K_Lite_Codec_Pack



2 ) Get a real nice movie player <<<<< My Favorite<<<<with Speed Control

FREE VCL VIDEO PLAYER this player just plays everything.


3 ) Dump IE try an real Web Browser

You may need to update your Web Browser. Please click on the appropriate browser for more information:


Internet Explorer

Netscape Recently we've noticed Netscape users may be having problems where Netscape uses are getting a text file when they attempt to open videos. If you have this problem, please try the following:
- Right click on the video link
- Select "copy link location"
- Open Windows Media
- Go to "file" and then "open url"
- Paste the URL into your browser and hit OK.

Media Players

You may need to download the newest version of one of the following media players:

Real Player (Or contact Real Player Support.)
Windows Media Player (Or contact Windows Media Player Support.)

WMV - Windows Media Player Video (Version 10)
WMV - Windows Media Player Video (Version 10)
640x480 Resolution 700-1000kb/sec bitrate
You will need the windows media player version 10 to play take advantage of the newer, higher resolution 640x480 videos.  To download windows media player 10, visit this page.  You need Windows 98SE or higher to play the WMV versions.

If you're having trouble viewing some movies visit http://www.divx.com/divx/ to download the latest Video Codecs.  You can also get this application VERSION 5.05 Here.

Install the Div-X 5.05 codec.   Make sure you install the DivX player as well, and the quality will look even better with it over using your windows media player, though the windows media player works as well.

Also, viewing the videos may be easier if you right click on video link and select 'save target as' to your harddrive and viewing with your windows media program instead of viewing with your web browser.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, and DivX still does not work on your system, then use this program:  TMPGEnc that converts DivX videos to Mpeg format.



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